Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thankful for ...WIND?

Can’t recall a time when I was thankful for wind until today. 

Why now?  Well, it’s winter in Texas and we are used to sunshine, even when it’s cold. In the past few weeks, the sun was hidden behind clouds for days on end. All the rain (six inches in three days) and cloudy cold makes those of us in the Lone Star State grumpy and miserable.

Then the wind arrived. It blew out all the yuk and ushered in dazzling sunshine. My heart was overflowed with gratitude as the gust whipped across my face this morning.  In that moment, grumpy was gone; happy was back!

The Bible frequently speaks of wind, especially in reference to God’s Holy Spirit.  He blows across our lives, bringing power and love and a sound mind to our souls (2 Timothy 1:7), removing the dark clouds of sin and bringing the bright joy of a Savior’s love. How thankful we ought to be—for God’s wind, both the physical and the spiritual kinds!

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