Thursday, April 7, 2011


Psalm 46:1-11  "Be still and know that I am God…" v.10

On a recent vacation to Alaska, there were various places along the road to pull off and look out over the lush green landscape. “Breath-taking” is simply inadequate to describe the sense of wonder and awe at viewing such glorious natural beauty. We could still see the human activity below but we also encompassed the grandeur that surrounded that activity.  One such place was designated “Inspiration Point” and we wondered what the sight of that landscape had inspired in others. It inspired me to write this devotional!

As writers, we stand on the observation places of life—we take the time to observe and ponder the wonder and beauty of life as well as the daily hurry-scurry of those around us. We then record our thoughts and observations for others to consider—to help them see the vistas of life.  In order to accomplish that, we must “be still”.  In that stillness, the creative process is unleashed.  Quiet reflection is an anti-activity that God encourages in His word.  He can then allow us to “know” more—of Him and of what surrounds us.  That knowledge can then be shared with others through our writing.

WC:  Are you taking time to be still?
PRAYER:  “Dear God, help me to take time to stop and consider life from your observation place.”

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