Friday, June 3, 2011

Are you the car or the driver?

I enjoy driving. Fast. Not a good idea in my town, since it has numerous signs reminding me that slow is its automotive "motto". The town fathers don't seem to realize that my car is just an extension of me--always in a hurry (since I'm never early for anything).   Not only do I consider speed limits "ideal suggestions" but, it's almost a game (to get somewhere quick) that I'm determined to win. There's just one problem with this issue: I am the driver--the one in charge.  Maybe you wouldn't consider it a big problem when it comes to driving (except for the men-in-blue). But, it's a BIG problem when it comes to living! I tend to race around the corners of life just as my car races around the corners of town.

If you consider this an analogy to the Christian life, we should be the CAR, not the driver. Christ should be the one directing the course, steering around life's curves, braking when there's a danger of careening out of control. "Christ in me, my only hope of glory" (Colossians 1:27) reminds me that my driving habits may be a reflection of who's really in control of my life. A Christian is...
 a mind through which Christ thinks,
 a heart through which Christ lives.
 a voice through which Christ speaks.
 a hand through which Christ helps.
  Am I letting Christ steer my mind, direct my heart, order my voice and shift my hands to arrive at the destination He desires? He is one driver who will never have to watch over his shoulder for blinking lights. Have you given him the keys to your life yet? Who is driving "your car"?

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